Christ Renews His Parish Retreat (CRHP)


What is Christ Renews His Parish?
“Christ Renews His Parish” (CRHP) is a renewal weekend which helps us to focus on building and strengthening our relationship with Christ. The process is centered around reflections by team members with some small group discussion and activities.  You can share conversation and thoughts (as much or as little as you wish) with others in your group. 

Who may attend?
CRHP is open to all St. Mary & St. Joseph, Appleton adult parishioners and their spouses.

When and where do these weekends take place?
One weekend for men and one weekend for women will take place in the Spring( Lenten) season of each year.  Weekends are conducted at one of our parish centers.

Men's CRHP Retreat


CRHP Retreat


CRHP Retreat



Questions or more information?

Contact Mary Ann Otto at 739-5119 or




How long do weekends last?
The weekend begins at 8 a.m. on Saturday and will end around Noon on Sunday.

What about the sacraments?
Mass will be celebrated as part of the weekend and you will have an opportunity to
celebrate reconciliation if you desire this sacrament.

What type of clothes do I bring for the weekend?
Casual and comfortable clothing appropriate for Saturday and Sunday.

Where do I sleep?
Sleeping accommodations are in the
St. Mary or St. Joseph “Hiltons” (parish centers).  You are asked to bring your own pillow and sleeping bag or other bedding along with any toiletries you might need.  Quality raised air mattresses will be available.  You may bring your own if you wish. We will do everything we can to accommodate any special sleeping or privacy needs you might have.  Those with health problems may choose to sleep at home.

What about meals?
Meals are provided by the St. Mary and
St. Joseph communities.  There are
regular breaks for coffee, soft drinks and snacks.  If you have a special diet, please let us know in advance through the registration form.

Who conducts the weekend?
A CRHP team is made up of a spiritual director, lay director and parishioners
who have attended previous weekends.
Our priests help celebrate sacraments.

Some Feedback From Our Parishioners
“I was in awe with everything-people, prayer, organization-sharing.  A very Insightful and reflective experience.”

“I enjoyed the entire weekend.”

“Very well run and well-thought out. A nice balance of free time and more ‘spiritual’ endeavors.”

“It opened my eyes still further to the power of God’s grace in others.  What a beautiful gift – thank you so much!

“The witnessing stories – very powerful and thought provoking”

“I realized others have gone through difficulties and survived.  No one comes from a Hallmark family.”

“It changed me completely.”

“I didn’t want to go at first, but by the end of the weekend, I was fully onboard.”

“I felt forgiveness.”

Upcoming Renewal Weekends

Men's Weekend: February 10-11, 2018
St. Joseph Parish Center

Women's Weekend: March 3-4, 2018
St. Joseph Parish Center

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