Stewardship of Service - Where do You FIT?

Puzzle pieces


You are a very important piece of the St. Joseph Parish Puzzle. Each of you can help us grow in our community by sharing your talents. It's only when we all put our pieces together that St. Joseph Parish becomes a complete parish. Help us to leap into the future and work to complete the puzzle.

As Jesus called his 12 disciples.. you are called to live out your Baptismal promise to go out and make disciples of all. For a description of all our minstries, please view the Stewardship of Service Book, and fill out and return the Stewardship of Service Form to the parish office.

Jesus didn't draft his disciples; they came forward to reach out, and we here at St. Joseph invite you to reach out to the community and sign-up to serve St. Joseph.





Weekend Mass Times:

  • Saturday: 4PM
  • Sunday: 8AM, 10AM & 6:30PM

Weekday Mass Schedule:

  • Monday: 12:05PM
  • Tuesday: 12:05PM
  • Wednesday: 12:05PM - St. Mary Church
  • Thursday: 12:05PM - St. Mary Church
  • Friday: 12:05PM
  • St. Joseph is located at:
  • 404 W. Lawrence St. Appleton 54911
  • Find us on Google Maps
  • St. Mary Church is located at:
  • 312 S. State St. Appleton 54911
  • Find us on Google Maps