Congratulations to this week's winners:


  May 6 Ava Hughes  
  May 7 Sandra Braun  
  May 8 Sue Simonsen  
  May 9 Bev Kelley-Miller  
  May 10 Steve & Kathy Erm  
  May 11 Bonnie O'Connel  
  May 12 Frank & Kathy Wettengel  


Recent Winners:
April 13 Fr. Jim Leary
April 14 Dolores Hagen
April 15 Bill Talarek
April 16 Dick Rettler
April 17 Earl Van Heuklon
April 18 Joyce Baldwin
April 19 Mary Kay DeGroot
April 20 Madyson Dwight
April 21 Leann M. Beyer
April 22 Mike & Pat Baumgart
April 23 Justin Schmitz
April 24 Mary Stusek
April 25 Chris Sipple
April 26 Robert T. Kemps
April 27 Shirley Arens
April 28 Ms. Patricia Wuerger
April 29 Chad Fahrenkrug
April 30 Julie Post
May 1 Jane Malin
May 2 Dave Peters
May 3 Amy Liethen Severa
May 4 St. Joe's Food Pantry
May 5 Carl Thiel
May 6 Ava Hughes
May 7 Sandra Braun
May 8 Sue Simonsen
May 9 Bev Kelley-Miller
May 10 Steve & Kathy Erm
May 11 Bonnie O'Connell
May 12 Frank & Kathy Wettengel


Reaching In to ourselves to share our God-given gifts within our church community.

Reaching Out with care and compassion to our fellow parishioners as well as the needs within our community and beyond.

Reaching God through worship sacraments, prayer and spiritual growth.



404 W. Lawrence St.
Appleton, WI 54911


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